All attendees of ACMC 2017 are kindly requested to register. Please note that at least one registration is required for each accepted paper in order to ensure the inclusion of all contributions in the pre-proceedings.

Please note the following important guidelines:

1.  This conference registration form is used to register a single individual participant. If two and more persons intend to register, please make a copy.

2. The fields marked with the asterisk *must be filled in.

3.  Please complete the registration form (2 pages) and email it to or or as soon as possible so that we arrange the hotel rooms. If you return the form after September 10, an additional fee of 300 CNY (China Yuan) has to be paid for each participant and your hotel rooms cannot be guaranteed.

4.  The first author of each paper must register as Authors. Otherwise, the paper will not be included in the pre-proceedings and will not be considered to publish in Journals.

5.  The invited speaker also as the first author of a paper can be exempted from the registration fee for one paper.

6.  For authors, the registration fee will cover: conference pre-proceedings; conference program booklet; welcome snack buffet, lunch,supper and banquet, coffee break, one-day city sightseeing tour.

7.  For accompanying persons, the registration fee will cover: welcome snack buffet, lunch,supper and banquet, coffee break, one-day city sightseeing tour.

8.  Participants can pay their registration fees at the registration desk on registration day. Chinese participants can also remit their registration fees to our bank account before September 15. The charge for remittances is paid by the remitter.—See registration fee payment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact conference secretaries, Qiang Yang, Youxing Zeng and Xucai Zeng, at Email: or or

Registration form: please find the attached file in the paper acceptance email or contact conference secretaries.