Maria Angles Colomer


Title: Potential of PDP models. Applications to real ecosystems management.


Brief Biography´╝Ü

Maria Angles Colomer received her degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1979 and her doctor degree in Matematics from the Catalonia Polytechnic University (UPC) in 1996. Since 1983 she has been a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Lleida (UdL) – from 1983 to 1991 at the UPC and from 1991 to date at the UdL – and currently teaches Statisctics at the School of Agricultural Engineering of the UdL. She has written 4 books about Statistics and 3 about Quality Management.Her research has always been oriented to the modelling field, starting with stocastic modelling and moving after to bio-inspired modelling. In 2005 she begins a new reseach line based on Natural Computing with DNA that subsequently evolves to Membrane Computing and thus P systems. She has pioneered in applying P systems to real problems such as Population Dynamics. She has participated in 15 research projects, supervised 4 thesis and published 24 papers in international indexed journals (Ecological Modelling, Plos One Scientific Reports, Ecological Applications and others).

Interdisciplinarity present in the researchs developed by her over the years takes her to closely collaborate with researches from other fields such as Ecology, Computer Science,Hydrology and Vegetal Production among others.

Extended Abstract